Our Mission

To foster the communication, interaction and co-operation among members and to establish liaison with and convey the collective opinions to government bodies, industrial or trade organizations.

To serve the interest, build up the reputation and promote the image, interest and capabilities of the 3D printing industries and other related and or peripheral business and industries in Hong Kong and in the Mainland China.

To assist in upgrading the technology, engineering and management skills of the industry so as to improve its performance and enhance its competitiveness in the international market.

To establish contacts with overseas and Mainland China organizations of similar nature and to provide platforms for members to develop business relationships with overseas buyers and potential joint-venture partners.

To establish and maintain the databases and networks that could enhance business contacts, communication, resources identification and business partnership.

To promote 3D printing industries for Hong Kong and develop knowledge-based job opportunities in Hong Kong.

To educate and incubate the younger generation in Hong Kong to be equipped with 3D printing knowledge.

To use 3D printing as a tool to stimulate and promote innovation in Hong Kong.

Ms.Ami Sin, Founding Chairlady (2017-2019)

Founding Chairlady’s Statement

3D Printing technology is a Rapid Prototyping technology since 90’s; it can apply broadly in different industries, such as die-casting, industrial design, plastic surgery and reshaping etc. 3D Printing technology is becoming popularized these few years, 3D printing machines is penetrating to household users, other than industrial used, with 3D printers, everyone can become designers. This technology is popularized and stimulates users’ infinite creativity.

Although 3D Printing technology is not mature enough yet to fully replace all manufacturing, introduction of this method has revolutionized the manufacturing process. The potential of producing everything from plastics and food to human tissues locally using a simple, compact printer has turned conventional concepts of manufacturing on their heads. In additive manufacturing, the product is printed one layer at a time, with each subsequent cross-section stacked on top of the previous one. This operation can be performed without huge, high-throughput machinery. This means that it can be carried out at million sites at nearly zero waste and minimal impact on the environment. Simultaneously, the consumer behavior had a big change, consumers just download the product after payment, and then by using 3D printer at home, consumers producing objects quickly without delivery.

In view of this, “Hong Kong 3D Printing Association Limited” (HK3DPA) is established in year 2015, become a platform to recruit different industries and background members to capture the market trend; we launched various activities in different arenas including Trade Fair, Exhibition, Seminar and different workshops to promote 3D Printing as well as share update news and technologies to varies societies. We hope every user can enjoy and have fun with the innovated technology, meanwhile created broader opportunities for different industries.

Present Chairman

Present Chairman’s Statement

The “Hong Kong 3D Printing Association” has been established since 2015, and it’s also a platform that brings people from all ages, industries and backgrounds together. Keeping abreast of market trends, our association organises various activities, including exhibitions, seminars, workshops and overseas tours. One of the purposes to promote 3D printing, is to introduce the latest information and technology to different strata. We hope to open up more business opportunities for the industries, so that the general public can have more channels to show their creativity and enjoy the convenience and fun brought by the innovative technology, at the same time, providing a larger room for industries’ development.

In addition to 3D printing, we are actively promoting 3D application technologies, including 3D design, 3D modelling, scanning, etc. By applying such technologies to new business operations, 3D printing can be more commercially sustainable.

Furthermore, our association encourages local young people and start-ups to adopt 3D printing and related applications to unleash unlimited creativity and transform concepts into physical or digital products. With the personal skill training courses provided by our association, as well as business strategy and marketing application training, they can promote themselves with such a new business model.

By cooperating with the different business network of our association, people can maintain a good relationship with different local and world-wide industry associations, professional organisations and government departments. Our momentum is to transform creative and innovative ideas into sustainable business development, so as to promote the 3D printing development in Hong Kong.

Association Structure

Board Members and Honorary Advisors List

Honorary President

Mrs Agnes Mak Tang Pik Yee, MH, JP

Former Executive Director of Hong Kong Productivity Council

Prof. Roy Chung Chi Ping,GBS, BBS, JP

Co-founder of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

Dr Keung Wing Ching

Permanent Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Foundry Association

Dr Lui Sun Wing

President of Hong Kong Federation of Invention and Innovation

Permanent Honorary Chairman

Mr Peter Sun Kwok-wah, MH

Managing Director of KFM Kingdom Holdings Limited

Ms.Maria Chiang

Chairman of the Hong Kong Mould and Product Technology Association

Mr. Lee Yuen Fat

Chairman and CEO of Ka Shui International Holdings Limited

Mr. Chong Lung Sam

Managing Director of Pino Aliprandini (HK) Ltd.

Dr Tsui Ping Kwong, Edward

Founder and CEO of Shing Hing Industrial Limited

Honorary Chairman

Dr William Poon

Honorary Advisor

Mr. Cliff Sun Kai Lit, BBS, JP

Director of Kinox Enterprises Ltd

Dr Lee Sik-fun

Vice Chairman of the General Support Programme Vetting Committee, Innovation and Technology Commission

Honorary Technical Advisor

Mr. Samson Suen

General Manager of Smart Manufacturing Division - Hong Kong Productivity Council

Industry Advisor

Mr. Lee Kwok-wah



Mr. Quentin Wong

Founderof the Quentin Wong & Co.Certified Public Accountants

Industry Advisor

Mr. Sidney Tang

Honorary Legal Advisor

Mr. Benny Kong

Senior Partner of Benny Kong & Tsai, Solicitors                         

Founding Chairlady

Ms. Ami Sin

Founder of 3DP Company Limited

Former Chairman

Mr. Paco Wu

General Manager of Mings 3D Solutions Ltd

Committee Members


Mr. Calvin Wu

General Manager of Shing Hing Plastic Manufacturing Limited

Secretary General

Mr. Michael Wong

Director, Marketing & Business Development, Pino Technology Limited


Mr. Rex Wong

Principal of Loong Shing Decoration and Engineering Company Limited

Executive Vice Chairman

Mr. Ho Koon-wan

Manager of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited

Executive Vice Chairman

Mr. Norman Chan

Director of Sales and Marketing of Ka Shui International Holdings Limited

Vice Chairman

Mr. Alan Suen

Managing Director of Innotech Advanced Products Ltd

Vice Chairman

Mr. Simon Wong

Managing Director of The Refined Industry Co.Ltd

Vice Chairman

Mr. Nicholas Lai

General Manager of Pro-Technic Machinery Ltd.

Vice Chairman

Mr. Ameber Leung

General Manager of No Concept Ltd

Vice Chairman

Mr. Tim Yau

Director, Maytim Co., Ltd

Director of Membership Affairs Department

Mr. Clement Chan

Director of Yuen Kee Ho Machinery Limited

Director of Membership Affairs Department

Ms. Vriko Yu

Co-Founder and CEO of archiREEF

Director of Membership Affairs Department

Mr. Jay Tse


Director of I.T. and Application Department

Mr. Edmond Yau

Executive Director, Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited

Director of I.T. and Application Department

Ms. Candy Chui

Managing Director of Freedom Communications Limited

Director of I.T. and Application Department

Mr. Joseph Lau

Marketing Director of Maxx ideas Co.ltd

Director of Marketing and Exhibitions Department

Mr. Oden Chiu

General Manager of StarTomato

Director of Marketing and Exhibitions Department

Mr. Andy Cheung

Vice General Manager, National Intelligent Foundry Innovation Center (Light Alloy)

Director of Training and Education Department

Mr. Chuck Fung

Senior Consultant of Hong Kong Productivity Council

Director of Training and Education Department

Ms. Christie Cheung

Executive Assistant of Hung Hon Industrial Company Limited

Director of Design and Innovation Department 

Mr. Ivan Fung

General Manager, JIE Technology Company Limited

Director of Design and Innovation Department 

Mr. Jason Huang

Project Manager, Ka Shui International Holdings Ltd.